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Detail PHX offers high quality paint protection & window tint for your car, truck or SUV. With numerous years in the industry, a love for what we do, and our fine attention to detail we are proud to offer Phoenix premium vehicle paint protection . Whether you are looking for a ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tint, vinyl wrap or high end auto detailing, we provide them all. Our team of certified ceramic coating & certified PPF installers utilize the highest quality products from the industry’s top manufacturers. This ensures not only flawless installation but vehicle protection that will last for years to come. With different paint protection packages available we strive to meet all of our clients needs. If you are looking to get your new or newer vehicle protected give us a call or fill out one of our quote forms. From Cave Creek to Carefree & throughout North Phoenix, our auto protection experts are here to provide the very best experience from start to finish.

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Clear Bra (PPF)

Xpel Certified

With Xpel paint protection film you can opt to protect high scratch areas with a partial wrap or choose a full clear bra install to protect your entire vehicle. Self-healing properties protect against sandblasting, scratches, chemical etching, bird droppings & weather related elements! Learn More

Ceramic Coatings

Xpel Certified

Xpel ceramic coatings utilize nano-ceramic technology to create a glass-like coating that improves vehicle surface strength & protects against degradation while adding amazing gloss & ease of maintenance. Let our certified ceramic coating installers help preserve & protect your vehicle for years to come. Learn More

Window Tint

Carbon & Ceramic Tint

Premium window tint film not only helps to protect passengers from exposure to harmful UV rays, it also provides added security & privacy to your vehicle. With different window films to choose from, like ceramic window tint, we ensure you find the right window tinting package for your vehicle Window Tint


Detail PHX Premium Coatings & PPF

Paint protection is our specialty. Located in North Phoenix, we are both certified ceramic coating experts & certified PPF installers and know that the installation technique is just as important as the quality of products used. When it comes to ceramic coatings for cars we are proud to utilize Xpel ceramic coatings. With hydrophobicity & self healing properties these ceramic coatings are non-carcinogenic & low volatile, providing increased surface resistance against scratching, marring & dullness.

Xpel paint protection film offers the best self healing clear bra worldwide! The patented technology helps ensure maximum paint protection while maintaining optical invisibility. If you are looking to take paint protection a step further, Xpel ceramic coatings & Xpel paint protection films can be combined to provide incredible gloss & shine for your vehicle, while preserving & protecting it for years to come. Both products are backed by great warranties with professional installation by certified installers.

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Ceramic Coatings.

Xpel/IGL Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating for your vehicle not only provides a layer of paint protection, coatings also help with ease of maintenance and vehicle preservation, as well as leave your car with a pristine finish. Our coatings offer a stunning, glossy, glass like finish.

At Detail PHX we believe in providing our customers with the best ceramic coatings Phoenix has to offer. In fact, Xpel Ceramic Coatings for all environments are self-cleaning and are known to improve resistance against acid rain, brake dust, temperature cycle changes, mineral deposits, UV Rays & more. These ceramic coatings are also 100% REACH compliant, meaning there is zero usage of any of the 172 banned hazardous substances that can be found in a lot of other ceramic coatings. As Arizona ceramic coating specialists we are here to provide you with the best protection all aorund.

Ceramic Coatings

Clear Bra.

Xpel Paint Protection Film

When it comes to paint protection for your vehicle, Xpel offers the world's best paint protection films. Designed with self healing capabilities, these paint protection films were built to last while keeping your vehicle looking its very best. Scratches, dings, marring & other imperfections can leave your new vehicle looking worn and older, while also diminishing the overall resale value.

Having PPF installed will help to protect, preserve & maintain your vehicle. Protect your new car from road debris, weather related elements, insect acids & more. Available in both partial & full film installation, you are able to choose the level of paint protection that is right for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

Window Tint.

Ceramic & Carbon Tint

Not only do we offer paint protection film and ceramic coatings, we also offer premium window films. Not all window tint film is created equal. The quality of the window film you have installed on your car, truck, or SUV along with the installation process makes all the difference. At Detail PHX we utilize Suntek Window Tint Films. Premium films coupled with our flawless installation technique, leave each and every vehicle protected and looking their best. Premium window tint offers added vehicle protection, privacy & security all while enhancing overall vehicle aesthetic.

Combine high quality window film installation with one of our paint protection services to ensure the ultimate protection and style for your vehicle. If you have been searching for “the best window tint in Phoenix” or would like to discuss your window tint options, give us a call or fill out one of our quote forms.

Window Tint